Diplomystus Dentatus  - A
pproximately 50 Million years old.

This beautifully framed fish hangs on my wall as a reminder that all things eventually go back to the earth.  God calls and we go...



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The following is just my take on things.  If you like it or not doesn't really matter. 
You think what you want and I will too.

"Life Isn't Fair"

So what Bastard made that rule?

Lets hang him or her and get on with life.  The only way life can be unfair is if we let it be.  If we let people walk on us and ignore our rights, our needs and our beliefs. 

God gave us the power not to be that stupid.  The power not to accept "Life is not fair" as an excuse for abuse, rape by the insurance companies, Corporations, Banks and our very own Government.


It's people that make life un-fair.

Get rid of those damn people.


Gun Control

Spam Merchants
USPS Ripping You Off
Businesses that Stink 
Most things are  incomplete but I'll  get there.


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